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ProfCopy.com offers a professional white paper (how to article) writing service. By providing this type of service we make it possible for you to become a real authority in the Internet user’s eyes. Not all copywriting service companies dare to offer as much as we offer because white paper writing requires much of knowledge, understanding of the subject and gift of teaching as well.

We dare to, moreover, we are the best in it! We set high demands towards copywriters we outsource so that the staff works with us and consists of highly educated and experienced personalities only. Their writing experience goes far beyond writing on a sheet of paper; it covers the deep understanding of what the requirements towards web content writing are.

The marketing effect of white papers is often underestimated because they cannot sell your product or services directly. The companies that do not provide the Internet users with the useful information they seek for and focus on direct marketing strategies only make a big mistake as they do not cover every aspect of the way how the world wide web is used by a regular person.


Remember, everyone will buy some day!

Even if a person is not seeking for something to buy now and needs some information only, tomorrow, next week or next month they will definitely need the thing you offer. That is why it is vitally important to give them what they want today so that they will ask for what you offer, not your competitor, tomorrow. Though keep in mind that the information (tips, instructions, explanations) you share must be really of high quality in order for your company’s name to be associated with only positive experiences.

Show them you are good at what you sell, you know all about it and become a real authority, trustful enough to make a purchase from. ProfCopy.com is the whole world difference from other companies. The quality of the product we offer is 100% excellent because we accept only those orders we can complete according to the standards we guarantee. If there is no suitable copywriter available or we don’t have an expert in your area your order will be either postponed till we find a copywriter or rejected. This is why every time you buy white papers at ProfCopy.com; you buy a high-quality product.

Helping people is extremely rewarding!

The beauty of white paper marketing is in almost limitless ways you can do it. There are lots of high-traffic websites allowing you to publish content for free, most of them with the live back-links to your website. That adds a search engine optimization value as well.

You can either add a how to article to your website’s blog and then spread it all over the web, linking back or create your profile at those websites and promote it by sharing interesting and useful how-to articles (white papers) with your potential customers. Another good point that stands for white paper marketing before making a decision whether to start promoting your product this way or not is that 70% of people do not buy the first time they face your offer.

They seek for additional information at such websites as FaceBook.com, MySpace.com and other social networks, forums, blogs, Twitter, Amazon, ask their wives, husbands, friends and colleagues for a piece of advice before they actually make a purchase. This is why you must be a provider of high-quality information, an authority adviser. ProfCopy.com is your best partner to become an authority adviser.