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Curtsy of internet, the world has been turned into a global village and geographical distance is no longer a barrier to human interactions. Internet has had its share of benefits to us, stretching from business enhancement to education and research. There is credibly a lot of content available online and is just a matter of a few mouse clicks here and there and everything is displayed right in front of you.  While as most people enjoy surfing over the internet, few of them take time to think of what happens behind curtains to avail the contents the user needs. Web pages, which collectively make websites, are used as a means of storing resources online.

Website development is a profession and one of the juicy ones for that matter. There are several factors that one should consider before getting a custom web design. One of such is the requirements. This is essential as it stipulates the extent to which the design will work on the design.  It’s essential to know the requirements clearly since from what you inform the developer, a design will be availed to you.

- On the part of the design, one of the basic considerations is the template or the Continent management system (CMS) to use. There are several predesigned templates that only require a few fixing here and there to meet the user requirements. Some of the templates are not so dynamic hence some of the user requirements end up being compromised.

- One of the content management systems that have succeeded in this arena is word press. It is one of the few templates that can be used to design custom websites and also allow for 100 percent dynamicity.  Word press allows for database connectivity hence it is ideal for development of both static and interactive sites. Its classic and numerous themes allow the designer a pool of materials to use for decorating the sites.

- Curtsy of the templates and content management systems, custom website design has been reduced to a cheap activity and less time consuming. Initially designing a simple website was not only expensive but also time consuming. In average, a single day is enough to generate a complete website and even to host it.

Web design prices vary from one designer to another and are also a factor of the website requirements. It is advisable to think of maintenance charges too at this juncture. While as it is possible to have different persons working on the websites as either designers or updaters, it is ideal to let the designer do updating. This is so since the designer has more insight about your website. This also has a price advantage. The designer may be tempted to charge less since you are establishing an income generation affair with him or her.

With this knowledge in mind, ensure that your dream website goes live soonest possible and enjoy the beauty of the world. Do your advertisements on your own site and let people communicate to you directly.


Template Based Website
Cost: $300+
Service includes:
-    CMS (Content Management System) installation and the needed plugins installation 
-    Domain and hosting setup 
Not included:
-    Domain purchase
-    Template purchase
-    Hosting purchase
Additional cost (the cost depends on the terms of reference that client provides):
-    Template customization (e.g.: newsletter subscription option block design (if not included in the template, logo design, additional icon and graphics design, etc.)
-    Functionality improvements (e.g.: plugin editing/writing)
3-5 Page Simple Business Card Website Design 
Cost (exact cost depends on the client’s terms of reference): Starting from $1000
Service includes:
-              CMS (Content Management System) installation and the needed plugins installation 
-              Domain and hosting setup
-               Design of all the needed elements by the terms of reference
-               Website design layout
Not included:
-    Domain purchase
-    Hosting purchase
Additional Cost
-    Design changes that were not mentioned in the initial terms of reference
-    Functionality improvements
I would like to emphasize once again the importance of having good terms of reference for designers and coding. We were creating a website for a client who didn’t specify they want a mobile friendly layout (which is more expensive), but was surprised why the website doesn’t look perfect on a mobile device. The website will be created according to the terms of reference you provide and additional money should be paid for all the further changes. 

This is why the final cost can be told only after you submit the terms of reference for a website design and functionality. 



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