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Custom Design for Your Twitter Page

The world has been narrowed down to a global village curtsy of internet. Communication has been enhanced such that it is nowadays instant and reliable. Social websites have mushroomed to enhance this altogether. Perfect examples are Twitter, FaceBook et al. several people have registered as members in some of these social websites and are enjoying communication at relatively cheap price. Upon registration, one is provided with a profile where he or she can constantly update his personal details.

The term twitter page design can be viewed as the process of beatifying the twitter page by the account owner or the act of improving the twitter page generally by the service administrators. The design of the page brought into consideration the aspect of interactivity such that one person can interact with others through what is known “tweeting”. Another common phenomenon is the tweeter “following” which implies a twitter member inviting another person for friendship.

Twitter page design has employed the use of simplicity. The page has few dark colors which are usually an indicator of a quality page. The background too embraces simplicity making it appealing to the user. The simplicity also makes the application small in size such that it is easy to load and can run on other gadgets such as phones. This makes it a preferred choice of majority.

One of the design objectives is to satisfy user needs which twitter page design has achieved through use of cool colors, icons and other interactive features