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Social Media Marketing Services

Effective SMM Services

It is the process of increasing or attracting attention through social media like twitter, facebook, MySpace etc. it is also defined as a marketing tool that aims to increase both the company’s brand exposure and customer’s exposure. The tool encourages readers to share the contents with their social network which leads to earned media as compared to paid media. This works as follows, the reader will share the corporate message with other users in his or her social circle. These friends would be more receptive to the message since it is coming from someone they know and trust.

- FaceBook Marketing

- Twitter Marketing

Social media marketing provides a cheap yet effective tool for business to advertise their products or services. The social media provides an avenue of getting new and repeated customers. When deciding on which social network to use you need to have a clear understanding of your audience. Which social network sites do they visit? This will help the business to focus its energies only in social networks it has the most active customers. This is an important point because social media requires time to manage. Experts say it can take an organization a minimum of 5 to 10 hours in a week to post interesting blogs or to respond to customers issues.

The importance of social networks will make it necessary for the company to have a social network administrator who will be responsible for the company’s social media account. The role of this administrator is to work as a spokesperson of the company. The administrator will join conversation on social media especially where the company or its products are not mentioned in positive light. He or she will respond to customer’s queries and complaints. A part from that he/she will be posting informative articles on social media. The company should be willing to acknowledge errors and be ready to offer solutions. The company should also spare time to acknowledge all its customers. If the company follows this particular advice, it will be able to increase customer loyalty which will lead to high sales.

Give more time, articles, photos and blogs in social media to attract more traffic. The more tweets, blogs or interesting articles you publish, the more potential customers the company will attract to its site. And the more traffic you have visiting your site, the higher the chances of converting these visits to sales. With the scarce resources, social media costs are being incorporated in business strategies because there is a higher emphasis on Return on Investment (ROI) for each strategy a business pursues. Before venturing in social media, the company will gauge the benefits it will get as compared to the costs e.g. the costs of having a member of staff spending time to manage the social media sites.

Web analytics can be used to measure how many leads are converted to sales. Some of this web analytics are search engine rankings, RSS subscription, number of comments in the company’s blog, number of visitors to the company’s site, mentions of the brand etc. It should always remain in the marketer’s mind that the reason of attracting traffic is to increase sales significantly.