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Professional Press Release Writing 

ProfCopy.com is a professional press release writing service provider. We will make the most of this extremely powerful marketing tool for the success of your business. The press release you purchase will be written by an experienced and professional marketing copywriter, proofread to avoid any literary errors, reviewed by a quality assurance expert and checked for plagiarism. As the result you will get a killer press release that is 100% ready to let the people know about the product you offer, drive visitors to your website and turn them into customers.

The importance of the press release is difficult to underestimate. Lots of SEO and SEM strategies undergo changes, come and go but press release distribution. That is one of the few if not the only one that remained unchanged. This is an extremely powerful tool from both search engine optimization and SE marketing angles. As usual, the press release submission websites have high Google Page Rank, they rank highly on search engines and thus have a high-quality traffic. Moreover, those websites are submitted to search engines news search and often shown in news results on the first page in organic search results. That gives more exposure to your brand name.


In order to benefit, you have to invest!

There is one reason that can stop website owners from starting a press release marketing comparing – websites with Google Page Rank beginning with 4 and more might not publish your press release for free, especially if you want a keyword live link to be placed. We cannot blame them for that. Press release publishing websites are not charity organizations.

We have to accept that we need to invest today to benefit tomorrow. High-quality backlinks, advertising and traffic you get are not the only ripe fruit you get by submitting your press release to trustful websites. Another great value of being represented there is that the information you share and your company’s name might be picked up by some Internet journalists of the world famous news websites like USAToday.com and others. Your company’s name mentioned on any of such website makes you a real authority in people’s eyes. Is there anything better than this?  

When it comes to aggressive marketing, press releases suck!

The press release you purchase at ProfCopy.com is an extremely powerful marketing tool, as it is not just a well-organized text containing important information about the products or services you offer. We will write it in such a way that it will cause the maximum effect on the reader. No one will ever read a press release if it contains aggressive marketing only, moreover, no body will ever consider you an authority if you show off how cool you are only. Show them you care about people. Any press release must have an interesting plot and a thought-out hook to server your product on a plate in the best possible way.

NEW! Press Release Distribution Services [Ask if the service is available!]

1. Press release submission to 100 press release websites with (50-70% success rate)

- Your press release will be visible to all search engines

- It will contain an active link to your website (good for SEO). Some websites allow an active link with an anchor text. If you provide us with key phrases, they will be used while submission.

- It will contain your company contact details

2. Detailed and comprehensive report on submission.

3. Manual submission

4. Deadline: 4-5 days

5. Cost: $107