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Great Poster Designs

A poster is an advertisement that is posted on a wall or pole etc that is used to advertise something. Due to the nature of where the posters are usually posted, the posters need to be as large as possible. The write up will give tips on things one should consider when making a poster.

As indicated in the introduction, posters are normally posted on the wall or poles thus viewers will only look at them at a glance as they walk. Because of this, one should use attention catching colors and images. It is a known fact that curiosity is usually aroused from the image. So the poster designer should use interesting photos of good quality that are relevant to the message they want to convey. Care should be taken on the background colors so that they don’t obscure the picture and message.

Create a strong impact poster by having a unique message, an attractive headline and readable fonts. The headline should have the largest font on the poster. The message should be unique so that it can stand out when compared to the competitor’s. This is because the poster aims at leaving a lasting impression in the viewers mind. Readable fonts are important because the reader will be reading the poster when they are 4 to 5 meters from it.

The design should be simple. Avoid cluttering the poster because it will confuse the viewer and again the viewer is just passing so they won’t have time to go through it to get the message. As much as one wants to keep the design simple, the poster should contain all the relevant information.