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An icon refers to a pictogram on the screen of a computer or a mobile device that can be used to navigate the system. Ancient computers used command driven Operating system and thereafter the menu driven Operating system. The former allowed the user to navigate by issuing commands through command prompt. The latter presented a series of commands in a list for the user to select. Current computers have icons that can be used to navigate through. 

To design an icon, there are certain factors to put into consideration.

A holistic approach to icon design should be considered such that the icon so designed can work in harmony with the other icons. This can be achieved through an evaluation of the icon being designed against the graphic system it’s meant to work on.

The audience’s interests should also be put at hand. In design work, you design for others and so the icon being designed should conform to the interests of the audience. It must be appealing to them.

Simplicity is yet another factor to consider. It is always important to keep icons simple and precise. This demonstrates your wealthy skills in icon design. Simplicity can be realized through lighting, reflections and shadows.

It is advisable that you consider viewing past work of other designers as this will rate you and give you the challenge to carry on.

With this in mind, you are assured of designing a superb icon. Several design software that can aid in the design of icons are available in the market and slight knowledge on their operation is ideal to keep you moving.