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How to Write an Interesting Blog Post

A badly constructed or unintelligible blog will not only go unread, it will reflect badly on the writer. Likewise, it is important to take your audience into consideration when putting forth your ideas.

    Before sitting down to compose your blog, ask yourself
  • What is the purpose of my blog?
  • Is this a business blog or social one?
  • Is this to capture leads or to “keep friends in the loop”?

Yet, despite the type of audience, both blogs share important traits.

It’s All in the Headline

Studies show that the success of a blog is strongly tied to the headline. You have only two seconds to gain your prospect’s interest. 85% of readers will delete or ignore the post if the headline is not alluring or compelling.

Certain trigger words are attention-grabbers and usually work well in a headline.

    Examples of these include:
  • How to…
  • What mistake are you making when…
  • A Number Ways to…
  • Free
  • New
  • Amazing
  • Secret

It’s Them….It’s Not Me

It’s all about them! To seize the attention of your prospect, your message must answer the question for each reader asking “What’s in it for me?”

Ask yourself “What keeps my readers up at night”? “What turns them on?”.

    Address their motivations:
  • Their fears
  • Their trials and tribulations
  • Their challenges
  • Their enjoyment
  • Their desires
  • Their finances

Dare to Be Different

    Taking a contrarian’s point of view often draws the reader in as well. Examples of this would be:
  • Why caffeine is good for you
  • High carbohydrate diets make you lose weight
  • Exercise is bad for your health

This is Not Your PhD Thesis

Your blog is not the place to show off your literary skills or your extensive vocabulary.

Write in an understated, simple manner, geared to the level of a middle-school student. Your readers are coming to be entertained or to solve their problems. If they have to use a dictionary to follow your message, let’s face it…you’ve lost them!

Can You Be Tied Up?

Try to connect or tie your blog to current events or news of what is occurring now. Perhaps you can link to a sensational story. Then, not only will you get curiosity seekers to read your blog, the search engines will link you to the popular story as well.

Now Let’s Get Down to Business

Business people are busy. They don’t have much time to you’re your message. They only have a limited amount of time to scan your blog. If you need it to be more detailed, save it for an article or a white paper.

Allow letting your prospect scan your blog and still get a sense of the content. Besides your great headlines, subheads are important way to achieve this. Use jargon appropriate to the business that you are representing to not only answer a need but to position yourself as an authority above your competitors. Finally, the main thing is to write with passion and let your enjoyment come through so that your readers can enjoy it as well.