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Pictures communicate louder than text. Graphic design has been used to come up with appealing images / graphics that aid in passing message. By definition, it is a creative process in the discipline of artistic and professionals that majors in visual communication as well as presentation. It entails combining, methodically, letters, symbols and images to represent ideas visually. The term design can be view both as a noun and a verb. As a verb, it refers to the process of coming up with the visual communication and presentation. As a noun it refers to the final product resulting from the aforementioned process.  Graphic designer is a noun referring to the person who does the activity of graphic design.

Graphics design is one of prestigious and well paying professions probably due to few people interested in it. The aim of graphics design is to come up with a balanced and symmetrical final product. This is achieved by mixing the following three entities.

-          Typography

-          Visual arts

-          Page layout

Curtsy of technology, especially in the field of computing, graphics design has moved to another level where computers can be used to realize the above objectives and generate a smart design within no time. Several application programs are available for use in design of graphics. Such include CorelDraw, adobe page maker, Photoshop, fireworks among others. The list is lengthy to address the varying taste and preferences of different people.

- Brochure Design

- Catalogue Design

- Business Card Design

- Flyer Design

- Poster Design

It would be unethical not to highlight some of the areas where the technique of graphics design can be employed. Production of logos and branding as a form of identity is one of the practical areas where graphic design may be put into practice. Production of publications is yet another area. This includes production of magazines, newspapers as well as books. Graphic design can also be applied in advertisements whereby various products packaging contain designs that advertise the company.

Understanding the principles and the basics of graphic design is the first step for anyone interested in doing graphic design. In every field, there are certain basic principles that govern the deliverables.  In graphic design, these basics are present too and it’s worth understanding them not only theoretically but also how to apply them. Such basic principles include some knowledge on shapes, rhythm, spacing, color, texture and imagery among others.

Working on your graphics foundation to be as concrete as possible is the next move. Ensure that you learn and consolidate the above basics before moving to more complex techniques. Constant practicing adds the icing on the cake.

The other critical step is that of conceptualizing the design process and mapping a concept to the real world experience. At this level you are able to look at object and visualize its design process, that way, you can easily design it. Finally, keep advancing your knowledge by reading more about graphics design as well as associating with other graphic designers. This will make you fly to your destiny and be the designer you’ve always dreamt of.