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A flyer is a leaflet used for advertising purposes. It is one of the cheapest and a very highly effective way of getting the attention of potential customers. This write up will seek to guide businesses on how to prepare effective flyers.

The aim of the flyer is to attract attention to what you are advertising. This is where the choice of the color of the flyer comes in. The color should be one that will cause the audience to want to know more. It is recommended that brightly colored papers are the most appropriate for this but care should be taken to ensure that the color of the paper does not obscure the text or photos in the flyer.

There is need to create a catchy headline. This is because this is one of the ways of capturing the reader’s attention. The words used in the headline should be few but powerful words.

Add graphics to make the flyer more attractive. This can be done by adding a picture that stands out. Care should be taken on the saturation and contrast so that the picture seems to pop out.

Put enough information on the flyer. One can indicate if there are any special offers or give the directions on where to get the product. As much as one wants to give so much information, one should avoid cluttering the flyer. Leaving some blank spaces on the flyer will also help the content of the flyer to stand out.

The flyer can be printed after following the instructions above but one should ensure that the size of the flier is big enough to be read from a distance.