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Frequently Asked Questions

[Frankly About Quality]

Who Writes Content that I Order?How I Know It Is Search Engine Friendly?

We hire experienced writers and copywriters who wrote content before. It is one of the requirements towards every applicant for the position. Truth, some of them may mention they wrote web content before in order to get the job. To make sure the person is really aware of how to write search engine friendly articles, we require them to write a test article.

Ok, the Articles You Write are Search Engine Friendly, but How About Plagiarism?

All articles undergo bi-level plagiarism check. First they are checked via CopyScape.com then we scan it manually running a Google search, as it was proved that CopyScape.com gives only 90% assurance the content is plagiarism free. Its data base is updated too slowly, unlike Google, and plagiarism remains undetected if the text had been copied from newly published pages. Strict unti-plagiarsim policy is another effective weapon. We fire writers who attempt to cheat.

Sounds Good, But What Topics Do You Cover?

Having over 200 experienced copywriters we can produce quality content on every topic, but if your topic requires too specific technical or scientific knowledge and we won’t be able to complete the order according to the standards it requires, we will not accept the order.

Well, Let’s Assume I Trust Your on That, but I Need Powerful Articles from the Marketing Point of View. How Can You Assure Me this Aspect will be Covered as well?

Firstly, much depends on the quality of the instructions you will provide us with while placing the order. The more detailed they are the better. Secondly, costly orders are assigned to copywriters with premium status only. Yes, we have a hierarchy of writers. We provide our copywriters with useful sources on how to write quality and convincing text from the marketing angel and they must write one to be rewarded with a premium status. Besides they must have a certain amount of excellently completed orders.

Maybe I am Interested In the Service You Provide but I Need Many Articles. Do You Offer any Discounts?

Yes, we do. We offer three types of the discounts depending on the amount of articles you are going to order. You can get 5%, 10% or 15% discount. Learn more about our prices, discounts and the sums you save at our prices & discounts page.

People Working at Your QA Department are Human Beings. What if They Missed out something very Important I Need to be Mentioned?Will I have to rewrite the articles myself?

No, if the information you requested to be present in the instructions was by any chance omitted by our copywriter and the drawback was not noticed by a Quality Assurance Department, we will edit the page(s) for free in case the revision request is made within 24 after the completion of the order.

You are not the only Copywriting Service Provider. In what way are you different?

Truth, ProfCopy.com is not a monopoly holder but we are different indeed. Firstly, we have flexible pricing policy for you not to overpay and get as much as possible for the money you spend. Secondly, for us is not enough to simply hire an experienced copywriter, we amend trainings to improve their writing stills and actual understanding of requirements towards up-to-date content quality. Finally, we want you to become our regular customer and we want you to advise our services to your friends, this is the reason why we do our best to deliver what you expected to receive. And finally we will revise and edit your order if, by some reason, we didn’t follow the instructions provided by you.