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Catalogue Design Services

Great Catalogues Design

A catalogue is a complete list of goods and services on sale with their description and prices. Catalogues can be in print form or they can be published in electronic form. When designing a catalogue have all the contents before you start. Ensure that all the specifications of each product and the appropriate photos are available.

When designing a catalogue take into account the audience you are targeting. Catalogues will be different in regard to the audience they are targeting. Catalogues from a wholesaler targeting retailers will look different as compared to catalogues made by retailers targeting consumers. Even within the consumers there will be a difference. For example catalogues targeting young people will be flashy as compared to catalogues targeting an older population.

Catalogues rely so much on photos. Catalogues are made to appeal to the desire of a consumer to buy. This implies that the best photos should be used. If one is an amateur photographer, they can go ahead and hire a professional photographer to assist them on this. This is because the benefits of getting the best pictures far exceed the cost of hiring a photographer. Still on photos, it is the norm to have large pictures for the most profitable items on the catalogue. This is to increase their chances of being spotted by consumers leading to larger sales.

When displaying the items on the catalogue, you can go ahead and cross sell other related items or accessories. This can be achieved by providing the related products pictures a long with the main products. Experts have estimated that cross selling has a 5 to 15 percent influence in increasing the sales of the main product.