What Kind of Content Do They Love?

Content LoveContent is a king – that is out of the question, but the question is – what type of content do they love, what kind of content do they share/re-share via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts?

‘Good content’ is the simplest answer that might come to one’s mind… Well, I think that we should look at the question from a different angle. Good content does not always enjoys shares, but tones of shares do make content good.

This article is not about instructions on creating shareable content; it’s rather a list of statements based on observations and years of experience.

So, what traits your content should have in order to have that potential to be shared?

  1. It should be either very easy to digest or really hard to do it. People are lazy, so it should not take much time for them to get your message, or (for those who love mental challenges) it must be a real quest with the good prize in the end.
  2. People love to laugh and love to show they have sense of humor. If you share something that really LOLed them, your content has good chances to get re-shared.
  3. WOW your audience. Yes, they do share content that has WOW-factor. Personally, I hate this word, so I’d just say: share content that really impresses people!
  4. Talk to their strong sides. We don’t want to be weak, stupid and uninteresting, so you should offer content that would speak for the positive traits of those who will re-share it.
  5. We do love to show off. Yes, write an article about somebody who won or achieved something that is really important for him/her, make it interesting and make the person see it and you will not have to make him/her share it.

In order to crown it all, I will like to add that everything you do with your content should be analyzed. There is no a perfect recipe for everybody, there are only general rules and principles that should be followed. You should find your success path by your own.

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