What Changed in Local SEO After Google Pigeon Update?

Google PigeonIt was confirmed by Google the roll out of the major algorithm update. It affected websites’ rankings for key phrases with local intent. They called Pigeon, a bird of peace that actually behaves extremely aggressively without any reason really often. I hope Google’s Pigeon is aggressive to bad websites only and hope your website is good.

Okay, the birdy affected local search, but how? Should you do anything to perform better?

  • Fewer local listing packs

MOZ Cast reported considerable drop in the number of local listing packs, from 12,1% to 3,3%. We ourselves used local listings to improve organic performance of our clients to promote their local businesses. Many of them face traffic decrease, sadly.

Solution: Focus on your website instead

  • Local directories enjoyed a boost

Local business directories, such as Yelp, got more exposure on Google for queries with local intent. This might be caused by the point #3 (see below), that speaks about the importance of the website’s authority, but maybe also the sign that Google wants to give users a bigger choice of local firms.

Solution: find top directories for your niche and make sure you are featured there

  • Website authority dependency

Website authority is all about links – the stronger your link profile is, the higher you rank on universal SERPs, no this rule seems to get even higher importance in regards to local SEO as well.

Solution: do link building

Finally, I want to stop panicking even if the Google Pigeon bit your website. First of all, you need to make sure which of the animals did this, then act correspondently.

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