The Very First Steps of a Digital Marketer in a New Company

Digital MarketerEven if you are an experienced online marketer and SEO it doesn’t necessary mean you have wide experience in taking a new project where lots of work have already been done before and where there were other people who planned, supervised and executed the strategy.

Yes, joining an established web project is quite different from starting from scratch a new one, because you should analyze the work done before and find ways to improve the strategy.

Also you have to be strong enough to admit some of the tactics were better than you used before in your previous projects.

Here is what we suggest:

  1. Find out who managed the project before and what was positive and negative about the person or firm from the stakeholders’ prospective.
  2. Have a look at the reports from the marketing department that were sent to stakeholders to get a better understanding of the previous corporate interests in data.
  3. Study long-term and short-term plans of the department and analyze them to find ways for improvement
  4. Ask your subordinates to send you a list of activities they performed in the past, they have at hand now and supposed to work on in future.
  5. Make an analysis of the list in p. 4, find ways to improve/change it and explain why you request the changes to be done.
  6. Think in what way the duties of your subordinates can be changed or updated.
  7. Analyze if the current state of things is perfect from ROI (Return On Investment) point of view. Decide how the whole process can be improved.

While analyzing the work done by other people you should not go too far, you must remember that you primary goal is to starting showing real results in the shortest possible period of time.

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