The History of Google Company

Google’s History in a Nutshell
Every time you want to search for something on a public computer the first website you are bound to visit is Google. Google search engines are the biggest and the best when it comes to searching for just about anything. If you are looking for a car, or maybe you want a home, education, people, you can search for all of them through Google. Now that the company is almost all over the world, there is nothing you cannot search about from that country.

Google Logo
There is one common thing about Google, Facebook and the Blackberry phone. All of them were created by students who were still in the university at the time they came up with the idea. But the story of Google is even more fascinating than the other two. It all began in the March of 1996 when two students at Stanford were working on a research project. Larry Page and Sergey Brin PhD, were working on the Stanford Digital Library project whose main objective was to come up with enabling technology for a single, integrated and universal digital library.

This project has been funded by many federal agencies one of them being the National Science Foundation. After long days of thinking and trying to figure out a solution to their question, they were able to come up with Google. The Mathematics and science of how they were able to develop the search engine is history. Originally, their search engine used the Stanford website. It was then in September 1997 on 15th that is when they registered their domain They incorporated their company Google Inc. about a year later in California.

By the end of 1998, Google was holding an index of close to 60 million pages. In 1999, that is when the company moved into their offices in Palo Alto. After a while they leased a complex of buildings in Mountain View in 2003, a location they have resided in since then. The company has grown tremendously for the past ten years to become among the fortune 500 companies. While all the other dot-com companies of their time were failing in the market, Google became a force to reckon with slowly by slowly.

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