Some Common Facts about How They Use Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps UsageDeciding to build a mobile application in order to support your clients or promote your business is a really important step. Like everything that requires considerable investments, an app building requires knowledge about the usage. This is what we have researched to share some knowledge with you.

5 apps per user

How many mobile applications do you use? Well AdMob research showed that as a rule, a person uses 5 applications a day. Usually they don’t download too many of them, an average percent of people who downloaded more than 50 apps is 10-20.

How much time do you have?

Well, if a person has like 7-10 minutes of spear time, she/he will most likely to spend them on email checking, news reading or social media usage. 25 minutes or more will be dedicated on playing games. It should be noted that games with deep engagement are more popular.

Free or paid application?

According to the AdMob only 34% of users upgrade the free application to a paid version, at least in the countries researched: China, Japan, South Korea, US and UK. Also 85% of mobile application users don’t make in-app purchases. BUT, they do click in-app ads pretty often, especially in South Korea and China.

How the app is getting in

The great majority of users look for applications at mobile stores. Only in China they use search engines to find what they need. So what makes them download your app? First of all users rely on other users ratings, reviews and the price.

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