SEO-friendly Content Development – How We Do It

SEO Friendly ContentIn this short article I will let you know about how we usually organize the process of content creation that involves optimizating it for a wide range of key terms. It is pretty simple and doesn’t require much time. So, basically, you can apply it as well.

General Strategy

Your marketing team should decide upon the direction in which you will be developing your content in the nearest future, let say during the next month or two. Define how many articles you will need to cover the topic.

Titles List

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to write an article, you need to know its title first. So create a list of titles and make sure they do not overlap which is each other and each aspect of the broad topic will receive the right number of articles.


Once your team approves the titles send them over to your an SEO expert who will do a research and give suggestions on how the titles should be modified. Correct titles from an SEO point of view are very important. Besides titles, your SEO guy should do additional research to suggest words to use in the articles’ body to make it relevant for even more long-tail key phrases

Another Review

Your management should review the new titles and words too, because sometimes titles are really very different from those initially suggested. If any of the new titles suggest a wrong content for the article, it must be discussed with an SEO expert in order to decide upon the right title together. Sometimes you will have to ignore an SEO importance, but you should never ignore quality.

Content Review and Publishing

At this stage, when the articles are written, it is an SEO dude (or girl) who should review the articles and make sure the writer followed all the suggestions. If all it okay, go ahead and publish the article.

I do hope this article will be helpful to those of you, who are still new to planning and optimizing text content for search engines.

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