Promote My Google Plus Page for Free!

Google Plus Business PageI am writing to ask your permission to provide another service for your organization – Google Plus Marketing. Please note that we are not requesting any payments from your side until there is an absolutely good reason for that.

Basically we will do the following:

  1. Create a business page for you at Google Plus
  2. Share your content via the page
  3. Share content from the big name in your industry (not competitors, but IT related sources)
  4. Gain followers and attract attention to your company

What we will not do:

  1. We will not be making sales (if any of the prospects contacts us in regards to your services, they will asked to connect with you via either email or phone).
  2. We will be sharing any discounts or other special offers and statements we are not authorized to, unless you ask us to do it.

Several sound reasons to build a Google Plus business page

  1. Google Plus is still rapidly growing network
  2. It is especially loved by IT-savvy people
  3. It helps your SEO efforts
  4. It has lots of options to create buzz around your content
  5. Still there is a chance to become of the first and be one step ahead your competitors

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