Link Exchange Offer for Forums [Sample]

We have offered a 3-way link exchange at and here is what we have written.  You can use this sample to wrote your own offer at any other SEO-related forum.

Hi there,
I would like to offer link exchange to MBG members.

I will place your link here:

I too want to ensure you that a link from my website will have value in future too, because there will be no more than 25 external links at this page, so you will enjoy a plenty of link juice =)

I accept:
– Keyword rich anchor text for your link
– Up to 50 words of your website description

I will not accept
– Links to illegal, adult or low-quality websites
– Links from illegal, adult or low-quality websites

I am looking for a 3-way link exchange opportunity. So I will put a link to your website and you put a link to my website from some other website. =)

Please email me your offers. support @the domain I have shown above or use a contact form on the website.

Thanks a taking your valuable time to read my offer.

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