Is Everything OK with Your Blog Articles’ Titles?

Let me explain in more details the process and possible outcomes. Writing titles as if the articles are written for an already existing audience without thinking about possible readers that might come from search engines is a common mistake. It is possible to keep the same meaning of the title, but still make it SEO-friendly. Sometimes one can use tools, but sometimes it is logic that helps to build a good SEO title.

Here is an example:

5 Ways to Become a Whitepaper Ninja – Interesting article for an already existing audience, but absolute SEO failure because of the following reasons:

  • The article will never rank (without strong backlinks) for a ‘Whitepaper’ key phrase
  • Nobody will be typing on Google ‘whitepaper ninja’ or similar key phrase find tips/guides on whitepaper writing.

This is how great content fails to find its readers. In this case the following title will be SEO-friendly: 5 Great Tips on How to Write a Killer Whitepaper

Other suggested words to use: writing, guide, topics, ideas. Now the article will be relevant to tones of key phrases that people use to find information about writing whitepapers.

It is impossible to predict the potential traffic and rankings for each of the key phrase, but this simple rule increases the potential of each piece of content if followed.

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