How to reinvent yourself

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It’s usually after reaching severe depths of oneself own self possibly due to various life related matters that leads to self-evaluation, introspection with new “flowerings”. Life and circumstances can have a way of pushing us up against the wall but one thing remains, we own our life choices and with the calling on wisdom, we can mostly determine the outcome.

Having split from a relationship, well about a year and half ago, it was the hardest thing to deal with for various reasons and with varying emotions around broken trust, betrayal, discontentment and other human – personality related characteristics related to disappointment. This however led me to learning some clear lessons a lot later than I should have realized however ones that I never see myself repeating. Lessons that are defining if not already have defined the women I have become. A women determined to make life a success in every measure- spiritually, physically, emotionally, economically and purposefully.

To reinvent oneself takes courage, determination and discipline. More than this though, you genuinely have got to want to change for improvement. Once this fundamental decision is made, the rest is not hard to materialize. In saying this, there are many self-help books and broad philosophies but I can safely say that it’s in daily and even hourly choices that make all the difference. Imperative to self-growth is going through all the emotions and coming to a place of resolve by yourself and on your own terms and conditions.

This calls for “alone” time, free of opinion from loved ones, strangers and post professional consultation. The lessons I can say I learnt is to trust people who I know have their hearts in the right place. Always know your own worth first. See the early warning signs. Know when to try harder and when to walk away. Don’t compromise too many of your fundamental beliefs. Surround yourself by natural life force i.e. to some God, others nature, watch a sunrise, take a walk, admire a flower, watch ants with a sense of “higher trust” and depth, be around laughing children, hold a baby sensing its purity and the gift of life.

At the end of some of the hardest times in life, in general processes or even in manufacturing the end result is always a beautiful result. You can never come out of a bad situation without being a better person atleast if you don’t choose to look within, look above and look forward. No matter how bad something once seemed, there’s always renewed hope with a new moment in time.

Hope and knowledge, trust and faith together with daily actions will always see you through. The beauty of life is that it can be anything you want it to be, choose it to be, speak it into being and mostly endeavor towards making it the best life you can possibly ask for and live with.

Life is a gift. Live it well.

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