How to improve your local rankings: 5 easy link building tactics

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Local SEOImproving your local ranking through an effective local link building campaign can be very significant for your business. The ideas highlighted in this article will give you an edge in the generation of unique Backlinks – links which your competitors cannot even get. The approach is precisely local and it takes full advantage of popular local domains which are relevant including blogs, non-profit websites, institutional sites such university and products/service review sites which are locally based. The following five tactics are very effective towards this ends.

Blog commenting on local popular and relevant blogs
Blog commenting which sometimes can be mistaken for spamming is an ideal tool for local SEO. In this approach, you should engage in relevant online discussions pertaining to your industry. This is a very good platform to positively contribute and inform many local potential clients/customers about important aspect of your industry or sector. The process is quite easy – first of all find a list of relevant keywords with the location name. After getting your keywords, search on Google for informative blogs and comment using your keywords and location names and finally your comment (Location + keyword + comment). Link your comments to your root domain, Google+ Local landing page URL and the Google+ Local Business page

Local niche specific guest blogging
Compared to guest post outreach approaches in link building, guest blogging outreach for sometime now has proved effective in improving rankings. Just like blog commenting, make a list of key words with location and then search blogs on Google blogs. After you have found industry specific blogs, you can hire a blog writer to able order articles for guest blogging. It is important to make sure that your content is high quality and relevant. Adding your address, phone number and Name is also a good way to market.

Testimonials and products reviews of local business/products
Many local businesses are constantly looking for testimonials and reviews of their services or products. The testimonials are based on an agreement with the businesses and in most case you are supposed to offer them a good review of their service in exchanges of linking the comments to your website. All the same, it is important to be objective in your reviews and stay true to the facts when reviewing or giving testimonials to products.

Find ways of sponsoring students in local university involved in industry related studies
In this particular situation, you are trying to give back to your local community while at the same time gaining some level of popularity offline and online. The first thing to do is finding .edu sites and adding a keyword and location e.g. + keyword+ Miami, after you have found local clubs and student organizations which are dealing with issues relating to your business, you can offer them some donations in exchange of linking back content to your website from their blogs or even sites. In most cases the cost will range from $150-$300 in terms of the donation. You can also set up a scholarship offer in your local area targeting local university students and college.

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