Google Shopping Campaign: Landing Pages Performance

Client: this is the list of individual t-shirts…i guess people land to those pages from the shopping results…what can and should we do?

i guess, to improve website’s look so they trust it more…or have more useful links so they can jump to another sections of the w/site…

Speaking of that…we have a lot of space on a new website in the left menu, after we moved the category menu up. now we have Sales items there.

I think we have to add something else, maybe more useful stuff? Shirt of the day, or Deal of the day, or a random shirt. I think we should consider conversion rate in the first place.

To give any ideas I think we should think how our page/website performs in terms of conversion rates. We can get an idea by comparing general conversion rates with a website A, if the ratio is the same, then probably there is no problem with website (or the problem is that we just need to redesign it).

For example:
General conversion rate
w/s A – 1.4%
w/s B – 0.9% (the difference is -0.5%)

Google shopping conversion rate
w/s A – 1.8%
w/s B – 1.4% (the difference is -0.5%)

See what I mean? If the difference in conversion rate from Google Shopping is considerably bigger, then there is a problem. This is what I think. Besides, when one lands one a page, he/she already knows what is there, because they see the image in search results.

With regards to what can be added I suggest the following:

  1. Links to shipping information
  2. FaceBook widget
  3. Show related items
  4. Show the price is lowered [along with related items shown]
  5. Offer discounts and the scheme can be different [along with related items shown]
  6. Add trust badges

Actually I believe we must do our best to sell more than one item within one conversion. To sell more we need:

  •  Offer discounts for additionally purchased items
  • Offer free shipping for orders with certain number of purchases
  • Give something for free (for example, a hat) if certain number of items purchased

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