Why I am Happy Google PageRank Has Finally Been Disabled

This is not a news article; I just wanted to share some thoughts about Google PageRank and some other metrics that it delivers to toolbars.

I remember how much noise and discussions were caused by the PageRank updates. At the time many online business owners correlated their business growth with the growth of the PageRank. They maybe didn’t admit it, but lots of them did for sure.

For several years already, IMHO, PageRank is a vestige. It is simply a wrong metric to judge the quality of the website or a link from it. This is why:

  1. It was updated too seldom while real website stats change now really quickly, as well as how Google reacts on changes on the Web.
  2. The scale from 0 to 10 was too vague. Especially when judging websites with PR4-6, when the path from 2 to 3 is considerably shorter than the path from 4 to 5.

The last update of the PageRank was on the 6th of December in 2013. Personally I am happy the updates will no longer be available. Judging the website based upon PageRank is the same as judging the beauty of elderly people based upon their college photos.

Google doesn’t want to help SEOs, these guys want to puzzle us and make our efforts unpredictable and thus, their algorithms more valuable and difficult to game. This is why they show us data that actually means very little. Another metric that they should finally remove [let me know if it has already happened or once it happens :)] is Google Links which shows something from different reality.

If you have questions or thoughts, you are welcome to share them. Thanks for taking time to check my flow of thoughts out.

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