Gmail Has Turned 9 Years Old

Gmail Is 9 Years OldDo you know that tomorrow (on the first of April) Gmail will celebrate its 9th birthday. Yes, back in 2004 Google started the public history of Gmail, web-based email created in by Paul Buchheit, Google’s developer. He reused code from Google Groups and created the very first version in one single day.  It should be noted that this idea was explored back in 1990s, even before the Hotmail was launched. During that time Paul was a college student.

Below you can find some quick facts from the Gmail’s history that might be interesting to learn.

Forbes About Gmail
Forbes: A First Look At Google's Gmail (4/12/2004)
  • At first Gmail offered 1GB of space to its users; it was 20 time more than was offered by other services.
  • According to Zohair Hyder Gmail was the first email service that was build using AJAX.
  • Before Gmail was launched, it had been used internally by Googlers for several years.
  • Not everyone could create a Gmail account. It was available to people with invites only, these invites were sent to existing users from time to time
  • In 2005 they increased the storage amount to 2GB
  • In 2006 Gmail underwent two more important changes: they added chat and made it available in 40 languages
  • IMAP option was added in 2007. It allowed managing Gmail account from any devise where IMAP was enabled.
  • 2008 – the release of the Forgotten Attachment Detector
  • 2009 – the release of an offline access to the account
  • 2011 – Gmail produced an application for iPhones and iPads

Of course, Gmail has tones of other valuable options that make Gmail usage really convenient. Feel free to share the ones that you use most of all. Cheers!

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