Does Google’s Penalty Mean Death of MyBlogGuest and Guest Blogging?

Google PenaltyCouple of days ago (namely, on March, 19) Google penalized, a startup by Ann Smarty. This caused lots of articles and discussions on the web, so I also decided to share my thoughts. Frankly speaking lots of online marketers, including me, were expecting something like that to happen in the near future, after Matt Cutts shared his video about the decay of guest blogging.

Did anything bad actually happen?

Definitely not! Just on the contrary, Ann is much talked about these days and Google’s penalty made her and her website even more popular. Moreover, I dare to state that by speaking about it publically, Matt Cutts gave more exposure to the Ann’s network. When one doors closes, another one opens, that’s for sure. This is why I think Ann will definitely find the way to come off victorious.

Why did this happen?

When somebody becomes too powerful or two wide spread in regards to SEO and improving rankings, then Google must react. This is a war and we have to admit it. Once there is a way to get quality links and an army of SEOs begin to do it, Google finds the way to come them down. Google calls this ‘spam’ and then penalizes them.


So do you have to stop guest posting?

Definitely not! Just remember one thing. Whatever you do to get links to your website, do not ever push on it too much! SEOs are guerilla warriors! This means your only SEO scheme of getting backlinks is absence of the scheme. Stop counting the percentage of keyword rich anchor texts, percentage of links from each source and the number of links each page gets. Have a close look at a blog you are planning to gest post for. It must be relevant to your topic; it must not link to bad content or to publish band content.

Please refer to another Matt Cutt’s video about how to do guest blogging correctly and how to not look like you pay for the links.

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