Content Strategy Suggestions for a Cardiology Clinic Website

CardiologyOur new client is a local cardiology clinic. They have built a website almost a year ago, but I didn’t actually serve as an additional source to attract new clients. We have already agreed to set up PPC campaigns on major search engines and social media websites. The next step is to create some quality content that would help convert visitors into clients.

Below you can find a brief content strategy explanation that any cardiology clinic can follow and which might be interesting to digital marketers who have the same type of clients.  Basically we can divide content into two parts depending on the task it will perform.


People should know that they can entrust their health to you, because you got all they need, because you are real pros and because you do help.

  1. Meet our team! There is no doubt you have a great team of cardiologist, so why you should be shy about them? Hire a photographer, make good portraits and write about each person’s background in brief.
  2. Testimonials. Contact your former clients whose lives you once saved. I am sure they are really grateful and will gladly write couple of positive words about your clinic.
  3. Let them inside. I think it is a really good idea not only show people whom your clients will meet but also let them see the office and learn more about medical facilities you use.


Yes, you are earning money when somebody is already sick, but your primary goal is not to earn money but to make people healthy. Teach them how to take care about one’s heart.

  1. Why don’t you write a couple of whitepapers on healthy food and lifestyle or any other topic? Consult the clinic’s doctors about the most popular topics and create several educational papers on how to remain healthier longer.
  2. Start a blog. It is not only good for SEO, but also gives opportunity to grow your audience by sharing tips, news and even special offers.
  3. Do consult them for free! Add an option that would allow your visitors to ask a quick question about their problems and learn what others asked before. You don’t have to write a dissertation each time the question is asked, just let them know that they should do next

All written above sounds really simple and that is even better – it is simple to implement in couple of weeks. Why I love content is because it is like a snowball that you roll on the snow – it grows bigger and bigger.

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