An Awful Mumbo Jumbo of Google Adwords Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting Google AdwordsThis is another true story that happened to our client,, company that offers accommodation rental services for foreigners in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Basically their clients are located all over the world but Ukraine.

We set up an Adwords campaign and limited its geographical targeting to several countries. In two months we analyzed organic traffic and decided to show FeelKiev’s ads in all countries but two: Ukraine and Russia.

Then, in just one single moment, Google made our advertising impossible. Those who are experienced in geo targeting issues might have already guessed what happened. Yes, we got that message saying our ads were not running because of the words ‘Kiev’ and ‘Ukraine’ that supposed to trigger ads.

What nonsense!

I have a total understanding of Google’s willingness to show the most relevant ads to our clients, but this limitation forced us to actions that contrast to this philosophy. Let me explain how.

We entered live support chat immediately to fix this as soon as possible, explained the matter and see what a reply arrived:

“you need to removed any geographic names such as Kiev or any other from your keywords

then select at campaign level where do you want your ads to serve

the thing is

that system might allow keywords with geographic locations to run for a while

but at some stage they stop serving

its better to know it in advance and not include any geographic names in keywords

hope this helps”

Moreover, we learnt that no manual actions could be done to let us deliver highly targeted ads to our client’s prospect. It seems like we have to show our ads to people who search for accommodation in all the possible cities and the only way to show what exactly is offered is thought the text of the ads! Holy cow!

If we decide to run ads as suggested we will receive many tones of irrelevant impressions which will reduce the quality score and will definitely increase the cost per click, which as it was more expensive than before. That’s definitely not an option.

A way out

Since there are not many keywords and keyword groups in the account, the only reasonable option appears to be is to create another Google Adwords account with the new geo settings and hope they will not ‘stop serving’ the ads.

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