3 Simple Tricks to Improve CTR that You Can Use Right Now

CTR ImprovementThis post is based upon the Google Plus hangout organized by the Google Ads team during which they discussed some simple by effective tips on how to increase CTR of the Google Adwords ads. We will cover them and also add some explanations of our own for you to be able to digest the information with more clear vision about what happens to your ads.

1. Switch from broad match to phrase match and from phrase match to exact match.

As you know you can change under what conditions different search queries may (or may not) trigger you ads at a keyword level. If you narrow down the match type, you will filter some less relevant research queries and, as a result, increase the relevancy of your ads’ views. Basically you suppose to increase the quality of the traffic that comes from a certain key phrase.

2. Analyze  performance of each ad

As a rule each keyword group has several ad versions with different ad copies and calls to action. Analyze what ads enjoy better CTR, try to find common traits of each and apply your findings when you will be writing an ad copy for the keywords set that performs poorly.

You can use the following in your ad copy to make more attractive

  • Use capitalization, but not too much because you ad copy might not be approved.
  • Use numbers. Numbers are good at dragging people’s attention
  • Use special symbols like $, @ and others

3. Don’t forget about ad extensions

Google Adwords offers a huge choice of ad extensions that you can use to give additional information about your offer to the prospects. If you still don’t utilize it, then must you start doing it today. Extensions don’t only tell more about you, they also make your ad stand out from the crown because your ad does look different.

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