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How to Merge Your Content With SEO

How to Merge Your Content With SEO

Content Is the KingNewcomers to SEO (search engine optimization) are often quite baffled by the entire subject. Not surprising really, when one expert says one thing, then another so-called “internet marketing guru” says something entirely different. We’ve had everything from invisible text, to tag and ping, to keyword stuffing over the years. It seems you need to watch the latest developments full-time if you’re to have any chance of ranking well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Or do you? What if there was a simple tactic that everyone could employ? Something that would not only improve your chances of ranking well in the search engines but also appeal to your human visitors. Let’s take a look at an idea that is growing in popularity and proving increasingly effective.

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How Google Plus Benefits Your SEO

How Google Plus Benefits Your SEO

Google Plus for SEOCertainly, being an internet marketer, you already know that SEO is important for your business. It cannot be denied that users rely heavily on searching products/services through the search engines. Google has emerged as the most popular search amongst all. Hence, by focusing on Google, you will surely succeed in achieving a compelling flow of traffic to your website.

A Fact about Google that puts old SEO techniques on the back burner

Google uses a unique algorithm for determining the importance of a website. One of the important aspects of that algorithm is PageRank. Through it, this search engine decides how the search results should be graded in terms of importance.

One of the important PageRanking considerations is the number of backlinks that a site acquires. However, paying a website/s for earning back links for getting an SEO advantage is highly condemned by Google.

Such practice is labeled as Black Hat SEO. Google makes a website disappear instantly from its search results if it catches the particular site using Black Hat SEO techniques.

Hence, it is clear that for Google, quality is most important. For sure, this search engine will never want to disappoint its searchers. In fact, with the emergence of other search engines, Google has now, resolved to serve results of only excellent quality to its searchers.

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The Future is Google Now

The Future is Google Now

Google NowForgive your marketing department if the release of Google Now slipped past it unnoticed. The mobile service was launched with little fanfare for Android devices in 2012. As of 2013, Apple users can download the predictive search app for free on iTunes.

Changing How We Search

Google Now aggravates information from multiple Google services to effectively predict what you’ll search for in advance and displays the information as you need it on categorized cards.
Google Now’s predictive searches are, by all accounts, eerily accurate, as long as the information you want can be categorized into the service’s pre-designated and easily readable cards, which the app displays as you need them. As the technology behind the app improves, the service should predict more varied results.

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