• 26Mar

    First I have learned about it at searchengineland.com. On the 24th of March Google announced a new updated of Panda algorithm. Google weeted that only 1.6% of search queries were affected, while as blog entry has a different number – 11.8%.

    Panda Update 3.4
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  • 15Mar

    How to Use Twitter Hashtags

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    Whether you can’t survive the day without logging onto Twitter, or whether you’ve only just set up an account, you are likely to have come across tweets which include the # sign, e.g., #newyork. If you’re wondering if this is some kind of strange, secret language, think again. They’re called ‘hashtags’ and there’s a very good (and simple) reason why people use them.

    1. What are Hashtags?
    If used correctly, hashtags can help promote your business or personal thoughts and ideas, by publicising your message to like-minded or interested individuals.

    The hashtag symbol is used to precede a keyword or phrase that enables other Twitter users to search for relevant tweets containing that particular hashtag. Twitter’s search facility can only backdate tweets up to a week-old, so you might find third party applications such as Topsy useful if you want to search for archived tweets.

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  • 08Mar

    The article was written by the copywriter with 1121 ID.

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    Google AnalyticsIf you run a website, Google Analytics can be one of your most helpful website
    management tools. With the use of Google Analytics, collecting statistics on your
    website’s visitors is not only simple, it is almost effortless. Google Analytics is packed
    with powerful tools that many people have never heard of. By taking advantage of
    techniques that make use of these tools, you can start making your website more
    successful. The three best techniques for helping your website grow in popularity are as
    follows: 1, Paying attention to the Site Speed report, 2, enabling site search, and 3, taking
    advantage of real-time reporting.

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