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Blog Creative Writing: 5 Key Secrets

The Five Keys to Writing Compelling Blogs…

and the Number One Secret to Getting Published.

There is no shortage of advice on writing blogs these days. Do a quick search and there are certain to be a dozen lists, all with their own theories. Some good, some bad and a much more that just rehash lists of previous ideas.

1. So consider yourself fortunate

I am NOT here to list the same things. I am not here to give you the answer. I am here to help you think outside the Internet box, and in return, provide you with a few ideas for making your blogs better, more compelling and maybe even worth reading. So grab a smoke or a beer or a cup of coffee and sit back for a few minutes.

2. Read a Book

I don’t care what book. Any book, although I’d suggest you try something older than you. Personally, I just finished “A Tale of Two Cities.” Always wanted to read it, but never got around to it until I found it for free on my wife’s Kindle. Amazing stuff. Reading really does give you the perspective that there is nothing new. Shakespeare had the Bible. Thoreau had Whitman. Hemmingway had Steinbeck, Dave Barry had Erma Bombeck and P.J. O’Rourke had Hunter S. Thompson. I have no idea who Tom Clancy had, but it’s likely he was a very scary guy.

3. Watch something other than reality TV and listen to music without headphones

The first will introduce you to what writing is all about: creating a real story. The second will save your hearing. And let’s face it if you can’t hear you can’t listen. And if you can’t listen then you will have a really hard time relying on others your thoughts.

4. Study some of the old masters of advertising

Blogging is advertising, and to deny that is simply stupid. My hero, mentor and inspiration are David Ogilvy. The man knew how to get to the heart of the idea, connect with the public in a very personal style and turn a phrase that kept you from turning the page. His Volkswagen “Think Small” campaign is a gem.

5. Take a walk around your neighborhood

Turn off the computer and get outside. Interact with the people who live around you. I’m not talking a fitness power walk, I mean stroll. Connect with your street. Really look at the yards and architecture around you. Laugh at the gnome someone has and notice the cracked sidewalk the city has yet to fix. It will help you learn to write from a personal side.

6. Check your ego before checking you the e-mail

Writing may be personal, but it is a business. If you want to be adored, construct poetry and read it at the local coffee house. I’m sure the patrons will clap. If you want to get paid, accept the fact there are clients, bosses, attorneys and more who are just looking to rip apart your words. Don’t take offense. It’s okay to fight for your work but choose your battles wisely. (One tip: Toss in something you know will get thrown out.

And The Number One Secret I Mentioned? Write every day.


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