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ProfCopy.comOur search engine optimization (SEO) article writing service is the right solution for those website owners or SEO specialists who are planning to start an article marketing campaign. Thus, we believe there is no point in talking about how the article marketing works and what are the basic requirements in order to succeed. The product packages at ProfCopy.com were developed with an attention to your SEO needs and with engagement of experienced SEO specialists to come up with the best offer.

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You have competitors and want to be better; we have competitors as well, so we aim at the same. We are doing our best to be competitive, to be different and to exactly meet your particular needs no matter of what kind they are. The core difference of the SEO article copywriting service we provide lies in the status of the writer completing your order and some additional expenses (proofreading, quality control, editing, etc) we have to undertake; but not in the type of content you order. No matter why you need content it is up to you to decide which pricing option to choose.

ProfCopy.com is different because:
  • Our pricing policy is flexible
  • A set of discounts are available
  • You always pay a reasonable price
  • We deliver high quality content
  • First-time and the last-time customer is not what we are aimed at.

It is vitally important to spread some high quality content at other websites under the name of your company, especially if you strive to gain irreproachable online reputation and to make your competitors down on their knees. It does not necessarily mean you must write each article meant for article marketing campaign as if it were a press release. Do not shoot flies with a bazooka! It will be quite enough to write a short article with a brief but profound coverage of all important aspects of the topic. Your company’s name will dig into the reader’s mind with a positive background to rise up again when they face your product.

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At ProfCopy.com a low-budget package does not mean low quality!

It is all about humans’ psychology. A responsible professional cannot do their work badly. Thus, as we hire only professional and experienced copywriters, the articles we provide are of high quality. It takes time and effort for an inexperienced person to give birth to a high quality article, as well as it will take too much time for the professional to pretend as if he were a beginner in copywriting. Professionals simply do not know how to be the beginners.

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With ProfCopy.com you know what you purchase even if you were not sure what you wanted when you visited our website for the first time. What we offer is quite different from what other companies do. We are proud to get a team of copywriting professionals together under one umbrella, who are not blind-folded rewriters of something that has already been chewed and digested; we outsource the experts with an up-to-date mindset.